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NY Giants WR suffers gunshot wound


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-I tell you that spot on the roster is cursed...CURSED I tell you!!!-

Giants WR Biddle shot in hand, leg


DECATUR, Ala. (AP) -- New York Giants receiver Taye Biddle is recovering from gunshot wounds to his hand and leg after being shot while visiting family in his hometown.

Decatur police said in a statement Thursday that Biddle was shot outside a residence and was treated and released from a hospital. Police said there was no evidence Biddle caused or provoked the shooting.

"He had surgery on his hand today," Biddle's friend, Bruce Jones, told The Decatur Daily Thursday. "He told me his leg is OK, and he ought to be fine."

The 25-year-old Biddle grew up in Decatur and played college football at the University of Mississippi.

Police have not made any arrests in the case.

Biddle was promoted from the Giants' practice squad after receiver Plaxico Burress was suspended for a game in September.

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What in the World could have happened where he gets shot in a small town in Alabama?

The same thing. Animosity is everywhere.

True dat.

And actually, it's worse in smaller towns, cuz more people (and, depending on just how small the town is, practically EVERYBODY) knows who you are--which only increases the risk or some hater getting jealous and deciding to get buck and put two (or more) into whoever he's hating on. I know this...I come from a small town.

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Just because it's small town Alabama doesn't make it any safer (and on a side note, Decatur ain't exactly tiny). Most times in Small Town Alabama ( or STA) about 85% of the residents carry weapons because local sheriffs/police take so long to respond because they are so spread out.

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