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Mississippi Riverkings One Night Jersey


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I just got back from a Mississippi RiverKings game (suburban Memphis). They had a Greyhound Adoption night. They celebrated this by having a weiner dog race and wearing special jerseys with a sponsorship by Southland Park (a dog track).

Does anyone else find this odd?

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Well, I do find it a little odd that the sponsorship for dog adoption night was a place that races dogs....and that they had an informal, just-for-kicks dog race as some of the entertainment.

However, if they're pushing adoption of retired racing grayhounds, then it's pretty well done I suppose. Well, at least the part about the race track jumping on with a promotion to benefit adopting those it can't profit off of any more, instead of having them put down.

Can't say the same for the entertainment...funny as a wiener dog race may be, racing dogs at an event talking about adopting dogs that CAN'T race seems like it's...well, in slightly bad taste, almost.

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