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Chicago Cubs Replica 1978 Ron Santo Cooperstown Road Jersey...WTF!


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Not only is it a lousy replica...wrong fonts, lack of front number, white outline...the Cubs didn't introduce this uniform until 5 years after Santo played his last game with them.

When I see something like this I wonder whether they're trying to be cool by making a wrong-era jersey, or if their research is as half-assed as their jersey-making skills. And wouldn't they know that people who would get off on this kind of jersey would be turned off by the stylistic errors?

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These have been available for quite some time. They are majestic repicas so I guess they get the a replica number treatment. Someone on ebay puts the right numbers on them and offers Banks, Dawson, etc.

I've seen this for '84 roads, too. Anything to sell product, I guess. Don't know what else to tell you.

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Who cares??


If this is your contribution... go away.

Pretty disappointing for someone who's been a member since 2004.

(...and if anyone sucks, look no further than the city of Buffalo)

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