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The Alphabet Man's World Baseball Classic

Alphabet Man

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Gees paint sucks.


Just thought I'd try a few things out. I have a few other ideas for some other teams.

I like the two greens but not sure about the yellow things under the arms/back.

C&C much appreciated although the way paint saves things makes it a pain to re-do.

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I'm not sold on this design. I have a couple of comments about it. First is the logo. I like the Aussie logo you are using, but it seems a bit too small. Maybe enlarge it a little and drop it down a little bit so it's more on the chest. Secondly, the pannel design and the writing on the right side of the jersey and pants don't work for a baseball jersey. It looks more like something that would be on a hockey sweater. But that is just my opinion.

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Here's another idea I had in my head.


I wanted to keep it simple without being too simple. I like the two toned blue (the darker colour is like a moisture wicking fabric, different from the rest of the garment, same with the Australian shirt)

I think Mexico will be good for my next idea...

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