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Interview with Todd Radom

Maury Brown

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For those that are interested, just published an interview with Todd Radom. Topics for the interview include alternate jersey and logo designs, the challenges that come with corporate sponsors being infused in the design mix, the mindset of designing new logos as opposed to tweaking existing designs, some of his favorite minor league baseball logo designs, what older logos may have had him scratching his head, whether red or powder blue drops off the ?all the rage? list for uniforms first, his thoughts on the ?70?s Astros uniform colors.

Bizball: We?ve been talking about major league sports, but there are a large volume of minor league sports logos that have interesting designs. You?ve designed the logo for the Brooklyn Cyclones, for one. What are some other designs that you find interesting?

Radom: Minor League Baseball is all about fun and accessibility, a real celebration of baseball and the communities that host the clubs. There are so many quirky and fun looks that I enjoy that live within this culture, including the Cedar Rapid Kernels, the classic Durham Bulls and Memphis Redbirds; I could go on and on here.

Todd Radom Talks the Art of Sports Logo Design

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Love the "Business of..." sites! What gave you the idea?

Been kind of drawn to the nonsense since I was a kid. Grew up in the Bay Area and saw Finley's Harvey the Rabbit -- a mechanized contraption that would pop up out of the ground and deliver balls to the umpire. That, and the orange baseballs were a fixation. Wound up in Portland... got sucked into the Expos relocation derby... just kept going on the business side. The sites seemed like something to fill my OCDness :)
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