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Lions uniform changes


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Guys, let's just be patient and wait until the full release. No reason to get anyone in trouble by pestering with more and more questions.

The files are out but haven't been publicly released. Those that should know, know.

And let's leave it at that.

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obviously they are not going leave it alone. They are changing it. Not much from what we heard though. More of a Cardinals,Vikings or Falcons logo update.

Nope. More traditional than those. No piping whatsoever.

ColorWerx and his drive by posts....


I check this thread several times a day with the hope that ColorWerx has stopped by to drop a nugget of knowledge.

I think that's illegal in most states.

Yeah...just ask Najeh Davenport.

LOL! Imagine explaining to NFL head coaches why you dropped a deuce in an ex girlfriend's shoe? And imaging being an NFL head coach trying to keep a straight face?

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IMO they are, but that doesn't mean much.

Both you and DriveBy....errrr......ColorWerx seem to share that opinion, so I'm hopeful. :D

If they are set on keeping the black, it's good to know that it will be minimized at the very least.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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