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Habs Concept.....


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I know not a lot of people do Canadiens concepts because they're kind of a sacred jersey but I thought what the heck I might as well. So this is what I came up with. Its inspired by the throwbacks worn on Feb.1st. I know I'm venturing into dangerous territory with a Habs concept and I'm not sure about what people will think.





C&C please and thank yah. :D

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Not bad, not bad at all. The only nitpick I have would be to make the numbers on the red jersey white; dark numbers on a dark jersey would be really hard to read, especially from a distance.

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It looks nice but it's almost identical to the NHL all star uniforms of the 40's.


umm except that in joshhockey's concept, they dont wear any pants...

Its part of the No Pants Revolution.

first thing i thought when i saw the concept was a pre-50's all star jersey. I'm not sure if i want it to replace what they have now but as a fan jersey to sell at K-Mart or Target would be cool.

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Really like it...

Reminds me of Gretzky Ninety-nine shirt of some kind I had seen as a kid, anyone remember that???

Always loved those shoulders since then/

Actually think it would be suited for the Sens to bring back the barber pole Ottawa fans love so much.

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