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76ers Concept


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The reason for the colors is a) the rumors about the Sixers switching to something similar to their old unis and B) I hate the current colors. I thought the basketball going through the wordmark is kind of cheesy and it was basically an entire logo on the front of the jersey so I got rid of that. I used the design used on the alternate uniforms as inspiration, but made it so it didn't look exactly like the Hawks. I used the current number font because it matches the wordmark, but made the player names italicized because the arched name and italic numbers clash IMO. C&C would be nice.


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It's an improvement but it looks exactly like the hawks, I mean just look at the overall design, like on the roads, blue dominant, red paneling, connected by white piping. Too similar for my tastes. The wordmark looks interesting without the ball, but I think the ball and accompanying swoosh make it "flow" much better. I can't really explain what I mean by that, just personal preference I guess. Decent idea but just too much like atl.

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