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Aussie Rules AFL is back


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I'm really dumb.

When I was growing up I thought Aussie-rules football was Aussie-rules AMERICAN football.

(I wish it was on American TV more. When FSC was Fox Sports World, it would be on a lot. Now, not so much. I'd definitely rather watch the AFL than Serie A. Oh well.)

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That video got removed, Mero.

I'm ready for footy to come back. The USAFL season starts in June, and our training begins in late April.

Wow! June is a long way away. The OAFL season starts the beginning of May. Our training usually starts when the snow is gone, sometimes when it's still around. :D

If anyone is in the Toronto area and is looking to start playing Australian football, send me a PM. I play for the High Park Demons and we are always looking for new recruits.

If you're not in the Toronto area and would like to start playing a fantastic sport, check out the Ontario Australian Football Leagues website (www.ontariofooty.com) to find a local club. The OAFL has seven teams in Toronto and one each in Hamilton, Guelph and Ottawa.

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And if you live in the Philadelphia area and want to join us in playing the best sport EVER... phillyhawks.com

Our tentative schedule was released.

May 16th -- Metro Tournament @ PHL

May 30th -- Philadelphia @ New York

June 20th -- Philadelphia @ Boston

July 11th -- North Carolina @ Philadelphia

August 1st -- Balt / Wash @ Philadelphia

September 12th -- Metro Tournament @ BWE

October 10/11 -- Nationals @ Mason, Ohio

I'm excited. :boogie:

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