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I had an idea. Since there's been a few new guys posting there first concepts, why don't we see what everyone's first concept was?

Here's mine:

It was for the Sabres. I recoloured the Sabers logo with the old colours. The original template was the All Star game template from last year. So I went along with that. Then I added stripes to bring back some retro feel. Here it is.


I actually got it posted on NHL tournament of logos.

So post away!

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This is the oldest one I could find:


I do remember my first one, though

It was a Patriots alternate concept. What I did was take the Patriots uniform from Chris's site and switch all the parts that were silver to white and all the parts that were white to silver. I didn't know how to post images so I linked it from another site and Chris called it spam.

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He's got a point my friend. That was favorite concept. I remember that one because I posted my Brewers concept on that thread.

Oh I see the URL now, I guess it started as first, then turned into favorite.

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I guess I'll share.

Here's the first variation of my debut concept. It's from 2006. The team was called the "Framingham Freezerburn." I came up with the team's nickname because of the color scheme, and because of the random flame pattern on the jerseys (It was originally supposed to be a mix of heat and coldness, hence the team's nickname). The concept was inspired by a character I made and drew up wearing the jersey shown here. The name "Freezerburn" came to mind and I made this concept.


I did a remake of this concept for 2009.


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this is a cool thrad. the first concept i ever posted on the boards was 2 in 1 really. a marlins alt and a astros throwback. (at the time i didnt know that people didnt post a whole lot of randome concepts in one thread)



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