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Clearwater Threshers Commemorative Logo


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This logo is for the 25th Anniversary of Minor League Baseball in Clearwater, FL.


It uses 3 icons related to identities of Clearwater teams:

- Palm tree is a secondary logo for the current team, the Threshers.

- "C" of the word Clearwater is the old cap logo for the Clearwater Phillies.

- "P" on the end of the tree trunk is both from the Phillies of that era and the Clearwater franchise in the 80's.

I really think its a nice logo, very well put together for using features from 3 eras.

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i think there is too much happening here. at first glance, it looks all right. then i noticed the shape of the red outline. a big plop with a point beneath a rounded bottom. right above that is a straight line under "clearwater". not too mention "of minor league baseball in" is a bit wordy. i imagine this is plan b that put this out. are these guys just riding segways around the office and taking phelp breaks all day or are they still graphic designers?

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