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Chelsea, Real Madrid, AC Milan and other clubs 09/10 Football shirts - Leaked


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What do you reckon? Genuine?

All will be revealed before the Slovakia game, but this looks closer to what I'd expect for England.

If these are for real I am DEFINITELY getting both player and goalkeeper kits. These are just so perfect and class. Reminds me a bit of the '66 kits.

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Nike's been making great kits the past couple years. Bravo.

England - Sexy, can't wait to see those on the field.

Spain - Though I love the ones they used during Euro '08, something about those really makes me like them. Just stylish and different.

Poland - Simple, like they should be. Good job of not ****ing anything up.

South Africa - Pay homage to the culture, I actually really like it.

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yeah nike just used their standard national team template for Poland. No unique design for them since they're not as "big" as some of the other countries (i.e. portugal, brazil, croatia) that they outfit.

I'm loving what umbro has put out - Ireland, England, and now Sweden all look like pure class.

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Poland new kit might be generic but so was they old puma one they had, the Nike one though is a huge upgrade. Nike simply keeps putting out classy jersey's. Russia should have stuck with Nike, there new Adidas kit is garbage.

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Is every team getting new jerseys?

I don't really follow all the soccer leagues, or soccer much, until the World Cup when I follow Italy. Just wondering if they are getting new unis.

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