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Cincinnati Reds Concept


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Since I joined this board I've only done concepts for hockey teams and crossovers to hockey and I thought it was time to switch that up and try out a different sport, so I decided to try my hand at baseball. I know the baseball season is fast approaching and I'm really excited for it. So I present you with my concept for my second favourite team (of course the Jays are number 1), the Cincinnati Reds. I know there is nothing wrong with their current uniforms but I tried to improve those beauties. Instead of an alt I decided to use a throwback from the very early 1900's.





Alt (Throwback):


As always C&C would be great. :D

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Too much vest, too much black, too much bad font, and the road hat is going to be an indecipherable mess from ten feet away. Team emblems go over the heart; you have it on the wrong side. The alternate is certainly novel, and might be worth wearing once a year, but did the Reds use Agency in the 1900s?

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Reversal of logo and number = no.

Readdition of over used amount of black = no.

Re-removal of all red cap as home cap = no.

Overly complicated logo on road cap = no.

Old Chicago Cubs uniform as alternate (complete with modern numbers) = no.

Sorry, Joshy. This just does not work. I can appreciate your effort to go outside your comfort zone and try a new sport, though. ^_^

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As a Reds fan I will say that these are not too bad but I do have a few coments. On the home get rid of the black bill on the hat, you have the logo and the number switched, and the black on the sleeve of the t-shirt under the vest does not work. On the road you have the actual team font on the front but your name and number font are different, also the hat logo is too detailed to be a hat logo. Finally the alternate. I don't like the blue pants. The hat is too Cubs, especially with the color, and your name and number fonts are completely different.

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It's cool that you are trying a new sport (I have yet to do so) But I just don't think these changes would work for the Reds. You have three different number styles, black in places it shouldn't be, and the road hat just wouldn't work. The logo and number should be switched on the home uniform too.

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