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Concept for my High School


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Hello, I'm pretty new to these boards and this is my first concept. Sport logos and uniforms have fascinated me for a long time and I've always thought that was slightly odd, for example when I tell my friends how much the Seattle Seahawk's Monochrome annoys me they do not understand why. So it's nice to see so many people with the same interest!

My High School's team name is the Golden Eagles, and this is the football uniform:


Now, the uniform by itself irritates me but the school spent a lot of money on those so those are not likely to change. However, the block-T irritates me, and I think if I design a good enough logo the school may put it on the helmet, considering we don't exactly have a tradition of football excellence and it's not iconic or anything.

And, if you look beneath the collar, there is a Philadelphia Eagles logo...this bothers me, because for one it is not a Golden Eagle and it also it's not ours, and I think we could create our own identity by creating a new logo to place on the helmet.

So I sketched something, scanned it, and colored it three different ways:



The first is the (inaccurate) bald eagle look, the second is a very literal golden eagle, while the third most accurately represents a golden eagle. I would go with this one, but the fact that it will be on a gold helmet and brown is not a part of our uniforms is kind of holding me back.

I understand it's rather rough, and I intend to fix it, but I would like some feedback on which color scheme to take, as well as general C+C about the design. Also, is it different enough in design from Philadelphia?

Thanks in advance

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Welcome to the boards! I know what you mean about talking to people about sports logos, and they're not interested lol, so that makes this board really cool. I think this logo is very impressive. 1000% better then the blocky-t if you could sharpen it up a bit. I think that the first one is the one that would go the best with their unis. And no this doesn't resemble the philly eagles logo. great job man.

edit: just noticed your fsu username. booooo.

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First of all, you get a lot of points for this statement right here:

for example when I tell my friends how much the Seattle Seahawk's Monochrome annoys me they do not understand why

So, continuing on this train of thought, the white eagle would be the best choice. You of all people would understand about the nonsense of having a logo the same color as the helmet it is on (aka, the blue Seahawk on a blue helmet).

Other than that, I can't offer much guidance - I'm not nearly as seasoned as some of the folks around here. But welcome!

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Yeah, you're probably right. Aesthetically, I think it looks the best as well; however what was holding me back was the fact that we are the Golden Eagles-- of course, colors in sports rarely make sense anyway (purple ravens, blue seahawks, green eagles, to name a few) and the general public's idea of an eagle is a bald eagle. So yeah, I would probably go with white. Thanks for the comments

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You are off to a very good start! I always like seeing High School concepts. They are always a little more original.

I agree with everyone else the white logo is the best. I'd like to see the logo on the gold helmet. Keep up the nice work!

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With the rather surprising renewal of interest in this, I guess I'll post the vectorized version that I made a while ago but never got around to posting:


It's still a little sloppy, and needs to be cleaned up, but it is a lot clearer than the original ones.

For the person who wanted to see the logo on a gold helmet:


C+C welcome.

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I for one think thats stunning. Looks great on the Gold helmet.

Ever done any work with wordmarks? Depending how much time you want to put into this project I think the Trumbull "T" could definitely use a overhaul.

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