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Some college work


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Thought I'd post up a few pics of what I've been doing on my degree course recently. The last brief we had was to make a "Book of 100". We had to choose a subject we're interested in, collect 100 of something related to that subject, then turn it into a book. I chose 100 Journeys, and proceeded to gather a hell of a lot of info about 100 trips I have taken in my lifetime (the spreadsheet was massive). After a good deal of idea development, I came up with the idea visually representing the info as a series of 100 index cards, one for each journey containing data for distance travelled, method of transport and so on. So as not to spoil the cards with a key or legend explaining everything, I made 5 sleeves each - containing a different key - that these cards can be inserted into, with cut-outs to show the visual representation. It all comes in a lovely box that I forgot to take a photo of. Here is what it all looks like:




Just handed this all in for assessment, glad to see the back of it to be honest. What do y'all think?

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