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49ers are officially changing unis next season

In 5..4..3..2..1

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The funny thing is that I've long thought that if the Niners absolutely HAD to have the "SF" monogram on the sleeves, they should have cut an oval shape out of the stripe group and stuck the monogram in the negative space created by the cutout.

Something like this:

===== ======

==== SF =====

===== ======

Very rough...but maybe you all can sorta see my idea. (And, the "SF" would obviously fill up more of the negative space.)

Something like this?


Yep. Something like that.

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After seeing them in action, I realized what San Francisco's new sleeve stripes reminded me of.


A kicker eating :censored:?

Well, I was going for the Bears sleeve stripes, which are always obscured and end up looking like the 49ers new duds, but I can see how a kicker eating :censored: could be an apt metaphor for the 49ers new uniforms in the eyes of some people.

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I must say that the biggest thing that irked me on the last set was the helmet stripe. This is a huge improvement. The only thing I really don't like about this set is the grey facemask and the black around the logo. The sleeve stripes don't show enough to really bother me.

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