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AF2 Designs-Past and Present


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You've got a solid start here! I think there's just a few things you need to change

The shoulder stripes are cool, but it might look better if they matched the design on the helmet. (I realize this might be hard with paint but it will look wayyy better if you go ahead and do it)

Take the butt stripes off the pants and add the new shoulder stripe design to the pants stripe

Maybe change the player name font to match the number better.

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I like it. Good consistency. The patterns on the shoulder stripes look great. And I can see what you mean about it not working on the pants. I think that would be a bit of overkill anyway--what you've got now is working well. Normally I don't like that horizontal section on the top of the pants, but since you're keeping a colored shoulder yoke, it isn't too distracting.

All in all, very nice job. I'm looking forward to more of these.

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