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New Celtics NBDL Team in Portland Maine


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nice props to Chris for the photo credit in the story.

And why not the Portland Mainiacs?

Already taken by a minor league hockey team.

Lewiston MAINEiacs


I wonder if it shouldn't have a similar theme to its parent club, such as Shamrocks, Brawlers, Leprechauns, Mean Green, etc.

I also wonder if the team doesn't do well if they just swing them down the coast to Providence, RI or inland to Manchester, NH or Worcester, MA

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I thought I heard Lewiston was leaving after this season...?

They are supposed to. Another team is coming in though, from the Maritime Junior A Hockey League.

Back on topic- This is very exciting news that I have been thinking about for a while now. I have been talking to one of the potential owners about it off and on and he seems very excited, but has never confirmed anything is imminent to me. I hope it goes through, if so I will do everything in my power to work for the team in some capacity. I have even given the owner some naming ideas, which I won't say on here in case they are considered. Can't ruin any surprises.

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I just hope I can remove all those watermarks.


I hate people that steal pictures and such when they aren't public domain...plus this has always been one of my Fav sites so I have to give pub!!! Plus eray designed our logos...its all 1 big happy family!

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"Maine Coons" probably isn't an option.

Why would it be?

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that it would be because there's a species of animal from the region with that name.

But yea, that wouldn't be a very wise name...

Edit: Yep, it's a cat. Jesus, those things are huge.

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