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Los Angeles Kings 3rd Concept


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The Kings current third jersey is kind a salute to there past,but I think is sucks. In my eyes the best way to recreate somthing is to replicate it. So I took there old jerseys,and "edged" them,and added a shoulder patch of the Current logo.I am still questioning if I should have put them on the jersey.



C&C Would be appreciated.

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It looks weird that you used the old logo on the front and then the current logo on the shoulders, I think you should choose to use one or the other.

Other then that a solid concept, much better then their current third.

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Its a great start! If you are going with the Gretzky era logo try to modernize it a little. Replace the old crown in the logo with the new one, maybe change the font a little. Maybe silver instead of grey? Try to take what you have and take the best of it and mix it with the best of their current third.

For example, take the jersey you created and put the crown on the chest and put the new 3rd logo on the shoulder and switch the grey to silver. Just on epossibility.

Good Luck!


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