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Phoenix Suns Rebrand


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I've struggled with this concept for about two weeks now, but I think I've got something to at least work with now. It's got hints of retro as well as the current identity.


For the primary, I used the current 'PHX' logo as somewhat of a guide but went with the pointy sun style of the past, partially because of what I wanted to do with the uniforms. It's somewhat simple, which was kind of my goal. I altered the wordmark to be a little more rounded, in case you can't tell. I also switched back to the lowercase 'n', so the wordmark(well, "Suns") can be flipped upside-down and still read the same. For the alt logo, it's a nod back to the old shorts. I lost the gray and the black and used the lighter/yellower orange a bit more.



Simple (maybe too simple?). Put the sun on the shorts again, which is probably my all-time favorite Suns uniform quirk. I used the PHX abbreviation rather than 'Suns' to at least keep that theme going. Again, no gray or black...not a whole lot of light orange in the unis, however. I didn't want to make them too busy. I added an orange 'PHX' alt for the hell of it.




And yes, I made a Richard Dumas jersey.


I hate two-tone courts, so that's gone. I opted to use more orange to lighten things up a bit. The half-circle logo seemed too obvious not to do, so I put those at the foul line.


C&C welcome. It's 3am, so there's a good chance I overlooked something.

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Overall, a very nice concept. Well done. I only have a couple of minor complaints: 1) The bands on the ball in the primary logo look unbalanced. The space between the first and second (from left to right) is far less than the space between the second and the third. (I do like how the bands continue into the sun behind it though. That's a fun little nuance ^_^ ) 2) I immediately thought of the Nicks when I saw your home uniforms. I don't think the away or the alternate would be confused with the Nicks or anyone else, but the homes could be as most people would be seeing them from a distance that would make distinguishing between blue and purple very difficult.

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I can dig it. I do like the logo but the ball bands issue that Ted outlined is kinda weird. And I echo BJ's sentiments that the court needs more purple. As much as I love orange, it's a bit much. I also find the alternate suffering from orange overload due to the orange-on-orange-ness of the shorts. How would it look if you made the sun white? Or maybe purple?

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The home jerseys look nice, but the road just isn't working for me. I think the wordmark (and possibly the numbers) should be orange, like in the Hornacek-era set. I also think that the wordmark can be arched a little more than it is.

The shorts on all sets look great.

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Thanks for comments so far, fellas. Not sure how I overlooked the unbalanced basketball. I'll update soon, probably not today.

Like you said, it was 3am. I like the overall concept, but I noticed a couple of things that could be revised. First off, with the wordmark, you have little corners in the purple outline around the U and N that are IMO unnecessary. I think if you made the purple outline more of a shape, it would look more refined. Also, couldn't "Phoenix" just always be under "Suns" to keep it consistent with the logo? Second, with the primary logo, I think the basketball/sun could be significantly smaller so it isn't so overbearing in comparison to the wordmark within the primary logo. This would also make the wordmark a horizon, which would further enhance the Sun identity. The uneven basketball lines has been mentioned already, so I'll look past that. Third, on your alternate logo, the PHX looks too sharply curved. Personally, I prefer the slight arching of the Suns wordmark, and I think the PHX should be edited to be consistent with that. As for the uniforms, although I personally wouldn't go with classic style for the Suns, you seem to pull it off. I would, however, like to see the light orange incorporated, perhaps in between the purple and orange on the neck/arm trim, and in place of the white outline on the suns that are on the home shorts. (I would also recommend incorporating the light orange into the other uniforms.) For the alternate uniform, I think it would be worth it to try making the suns on the shorts the light orange, so the uniforms isn't all one color. The court needs some work, but I'm not exactly sure what to say on that one.

I also want to say what I think is successful about this concept, so it doesn't sound overwhelmingly negative. I really like the Suns wordmark and the color scheme. I also really like that you made the old school look work although I normally wouldn't associate a team from Phoenix with tradition. (And yes, I know the Suns have been in Phoenix for a long time, but like almost every other Arizona team, they have a modern look.) Overall, nice work, and I hope to see some updates.

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this is pretty much a much better version of my Phoenix Suns concept (http://boards.sportslogos.net/index.php?showtopic=65219), especially the primary logo. Your primary is pretty much what mine wishes it could be though. I think the alternate could be pulled off better, it looks like a bad Sacramento kings logo almost. Other than that, I love it.

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