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Some of My Work on ESPN


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So I recently did a logo and some other design work (Banners, T-shirts, Advertising) for a basketball game here in Indianapolis at Conseco. I took place last Thursday and it was kind of a big deal because Oscar Robertson was having his number retired and they were also honoring the 1955 team that was the first All-Black state champions in the country. So there were reporters there from ESPN, Chicago Tribune, etc. Actually there were almost as many photographers there as I see at some professional games! It was crazy!

Anyway, I've had some high profile stuff before, but for some reason I'm getting a pretty big kick out of this. Here's the article:


At the very bottom is one of the banners I designed (I also did the number ones), and towards the end of the video you can see my logo on the scorers table. they were going to put it at center court, but last minute I guess they cancelled it.

Anyway, I'll post the logo better when I get home as well as some other photos from that night, but I thought you all might be interested!

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Some other pics:


Stand up banner I designed


Former Pacer Billy Keller


Hall of Famer Oscar Robertson


The shirts I designed for the event. You can see all the banners I did for each team on the backs of the green and purple shirts.

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Sport Graphics do the signage for Conseco?

I can't say for sure but I think they do pretty much anything printed including signage for Conseco. I know they do all the programs for the pacers and special events. They printed these banners as well.

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