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DiscrimiBattle-Manic March Sweet 16


Who gets your vote in Drunk Mascot Week?  

37 members have voted

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tis' been good so far...now we leave the results in the hands of the CCSLC community. copy and paste to be safe, although some of these you can just click. good luck to everybody as always, and now i leave you with Az Hakim doing Irish jigs for $5 a pop :D

see ya sunday nite, 7 pm CT, when we declare a winner!

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What? No love for Pukey McPenguin (that's my mascot name)? You have to at least like how I still incorporated the "Vegas Gold" in the jesery.... :D

Oh, who am I kidding, mine was a joke anyway... I voted for Chazberg.

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well, the congrats ain't premature anymore, I now officially declare paynomind the winner!

in two weeks, i'll reveal my final purpose for Manic March...but for now, we party! :hockeysmiley: and then I reveal this week's round.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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