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Maine NBDL Name the Team Contest


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Today's Portland Press Herald features an article about Portland Maine's new NBDL franchise that will begin playing next season. No logo's have been announced yet but based on the names up for consideration I'm not particularly enthusiastic.

The seven names being voted on are:

The Maine Beacons

The Maine Crushers

The Maine Claws

The Maine Destroyers

The Maine Red Claws

The Maine Swarm

The Maine Traps

Of the list only Beacons isn't totally laughable (IMHO), although having a nice logo of Admiral Akbar for the Maine Traps would be pretty hilarious.

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Who is picking these names!!!

No, Who is on first.

Not an overly exciting list, but I think I'd probably pick Red Claws or Beacons.

The Maine Red Claws and their colors will be black and silver.

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Why are none of these options the "Portland" _______? It's not like anybody will ever confuse them for the Blazers!

Probably because they want to incorporate the entire state behind the team and not localize it to just Portland. Surprisingly, people within Augusta Bangor and Bar Harbor are more loyal to their home town teams than anything else up there.

- On a side note this is being discussed in another topic


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I really surprised at these names. I mean, an affiliation with the Celtics is all but done (They just have to wait a few weeks for the current season to end), and none of these are related to the Celtics. I was under the impression that the team has preety much come out and said the colors will be green and white, so it will be interesting to see how it works out.

I don't know how long this team is going to last because their prices are way out of the usual price range for Portland teams (no more than $15 for the best seats)

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