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Around the World in 16 Days


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So this morning, I had a chance to watch some of the Japan, China WBC game. It gave me an idea to redesign every teams jerseys. I will do 1 each day till I finish all the teams.

But this concept isn't about Israel, it's about Australia! They have one of the nicest looking logo sets in the WBC. I kept their set pretty conservative. No crazy piping or anything, like Japan. I made the home be a white vest, with green sleeves. On the roads, which I will make coloured, I made a green jersey, with yellow piping. Enjoy!


I'm suprised Grant Balfour isn't on the roster, he's one of my favorite player on the Rays. I like his swagger.

I have China nearly done, so that will be tomorrow.

I might do some countries not included(like Nicaragua, and Israel). Yes, Israel, I heard they were gonna try to get Jewish players to play in the WBC sometime.

C&C please. Also comment on my MLB Redesign thread, and I have ideas for my EPL redesign for tonight.

16/16 Done




Chinese Taipei


Dominican Republic




The Netherlands


Puerto Rico

South Africa



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I differ from you in the fact that I do not like Australia's current set, therefor I am not a fan of this concept. But the fact that I don't like it isn't your fault, I just don't like the logo set. However, if the Aussies were gonna go with a new uniform set based off of the same logos they are using, you did a good job in trotting out something fairly new with the vest. It does kinda look like the A's, but that doesn't matter because they don't play in the same league as the A's. So IMO they can look like the A's all day long. Good execution...still don't like the logos. :P

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I have four things to say:

1. This set is pretty cool. It does look like the A's, but hey, how can it not look like the A's with those colors?

2. I love how you used Luke Hughes on the jerseys, he is in the Twins' system.

3. The road pants are white.

4. I love how you spell coloured like a Canadian even though your from Tampa. :P

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Day 2!

I actually had this done yesterday, and I'm very excited to post it. It's for China. One thing I don't like about the current set, is how China is in an Old English font. So I looked up China in chinese characters, and put that on the front(The hat also means China). The number font is blocky to reflect on the Chinese characters. That's really all I have to say, Enjoy.


so that's 2 down, 14+ to go. I don't really have any ideas for a specific team, so I'm open to requests.

C&C please

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I like China's, I was wondering how the Away would look if you reversed the white and on the numbers... And maybe the side panel. I think it would look more close to the flag, but it could also look like a McDonald's jersey at that point.

Personally I would like to see team USA & Canada. Especially USA's road unis done, the current dark grays don't really scream American to me.

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I agree with TalktoChuck about having countries using their own language. With China, there are two languages (Tarditional and Mandrin i think?) so that might create a problem. Another thing, with what you are using for China now, looks like a "logo", for two characters it looks huge when spread out accross the chest like that. Maybe put those over the heart (country pride) and then have numbers on the lower half of the jersey on either sode of the buttons. I would like to see how the other numbers would look in that font too. The under-arm piping makes the jersey look like a BP jersey combined with the same striping from the Calgary Flames edge-jersey. Maybe for the hat just use the stars from the flag or both characters.

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Day 3: The Netherlands

Happy Saturday everyone. So this is my concept for Holland. Just a random design for this. The script is spelled different, because that's how The Netherlands spelled in Dutch. BJB I put grey pants on this one, but for the record, some teams have white pants with their coloured jersey. So here it is.


The team is made out of some players from the Dutch islands in the Caribbean, like Aruba. That's where Sidney Ponson is from(I didn't know he was a Free Agent). I think Andrew Jones was on the 2006 roster. Also, somethiing funny came up in another thread. The Dutch team's jerseys have the flag upside down.


Japan next.

Oh and DP, I wil fix the size of my logo sometime in the near future.

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Not really a critique about the concept, but you logo up in the corner is huge! It distracts from the important piece, the concept. It's nice to have it on the template so people know who did it, but it shouldn't be the biggest thing on the page.

I agree. Whenever I saw the first concept, my first thought was "Australia has a national mascot they use...the Ray Sox? Never heard of that." Much too large.

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I'd be interested to see a redesign of the USA Jersey- maybe something similar to the '80 olympic hockey team? that would be really cool.

It's also be cool to see an Italian redesign (even though I love their current set), with a roman flair to it.

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At a quick glance, the Dutch jersey looks like the Orioles BP jersey Elliott made.

I saw that to. It's a solid looking uniform, but I don't like the use of black for the Netherlands, that's just personal prefernece though.

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At a quick glance, the Dutch jersey looks like the Orioles BP jersey Elliott made.

I can assure you, his concept wasn't what gave me the idea for that design. But I can see what you guys think.

Day 4: Japan

Hey guys. Today's concept is for one of the best teams in the WBC, Japan. This jersey design was just some random design I made up. I put Japan in Japanese letters on the front, just like what I did with China. I used the Mariners Numbers, and Letters on the back, since it sems like it fits with the set. That's pretty much it.


C&C please. Next will be South Africa, so stay tuned.

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This is my first post in about a week, since I have been hit with he flu bug going around the area. So far I am liking the looks of all of these. I really like the use of the national scripts for China and Japan. I am looking foreward to the next set.

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