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Ryan Miller to get new mask

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He's pulling a Luongo and getting a mask done that he will wear with the Sabres' third jersey.

In honor of my mask contest I am hoping to have a new design on the ice when I return from injury. Ray Bishop is putting the finishing touches on a mask that I can wear with our third jersey. I wanted to have a little fun and do something different so I have a mask coming that uses traditional Japanese tattoo symbols including a dragon and a tiger which both have great meaning (which would take a long time to explain). I am a big fan of tattoo art but I am too big of a wimp to actually get any work done so my mask becomes that canvas. It will have some very subtle references to the Sabres and some great examples of the classic tattoo art so I am excited to see it as a finished product.


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I don't really see how you'd mimic the Hasek bucket helmet on a normal goalie mask. Prior to Detroit, Hasek didn't have any design on his masks except for a team logo sticker I believe.

Heck, Fuhr had better looking Sabre's masks..



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