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My Shot at the WBC


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If you've hung around long enough, you probably saw my Japan concept from a couple months ago, but I'll repost it here as part of a series. I would like Comments and Criticism where possible, and I have a couple goals in mind with the series:

I want to incorporate different visual elements with each team. As of now, no team in the WBC wears pinstripes, four use interlocking initials on their hats, and four teams use the diagonal script with a tail. I'm trying to give more balance to the event. Also, I'm bothered by the inconsistency between WBC uniforms and other international baseball uniforms each country wears.

My general bias is to use more of a conservative tack in making these uniforms. I would especially appreciate C&C that relates to how to make certain teams look more modern/future (specifically Korea and China).

Okay, so let's start with the Pool winner, Korea:



The concept is based on the script from the '06 WBC and the 70's and 80's Royals.




Concept based on Japan's use of pinstripes in Int'l baseball, the Yomiuri Giants, and the '06 WBC Victory.




Concept based mostly on '09 WBC and getting rid of the Old-English font.

Chinese Taipei ... I haven't done. I'm lacking inspiration here. Their uniform may be poor, but from what I've found at least it's consistent. I like their use of royal blue because of its differences with the rest of the pool.

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