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NBA Redesign By Juggoo (Now working on OKC Thunder Concept)


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Hi everyone! For the ones who didn't know who I am, I am a catalan Audiovisual Comunication student, and an NBA fan since I was 8. I want to ask apologise for my english level. With that said, let's get on topic.

I redesigned the Memphis Grizzlies identity by tweaking the yellow for some more orange-gold tone, and also creating a G logo like Vancouver days but token from the bear's siluette. It's the 1.0 version, so feel free to critique it or, like some of you say, C&C Welcome!!!






C&C will be greatly apreciated! :D

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These are some sexy jerseys.

Not sure I'd use 'Vancouver' on the retro jersey, though- it's not the same as the Clippers using the Buffalo Braves jerseys, or the Wizards using an old Baltimore Bullets jersey. It hasn't really been that long, and I imagine it would A) piss off Vancouverites, and B) remind Memphis how fleeting their franchise is.

Perhaps just having 'Grizzlies' would be more appropriate? And maybe using the green as the main colour... black jerseys aren't really a good idea when there are so much better options.

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Thanks for the feedback, I've changed the typography acording it to the style they wear now, which I think is cool and different from others in the league. I've also heard your suggestions and made a teal jersey, which makes five jerseys for my Grizz's.

It may become an NBA Redesign threat, anyway enjoy that and feel free to applaude or critique it, both ways will be very appreciated ^_^




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Hi everyone, it's been a long since I post the Memphis Grizzlies' Concept. Today I get bored at home and decided to give a try in our so-hated OKC Thunder identity. It's my first day working on this, but I want to post it before trying to work on alternates or unis to know how to follow and the weak points of my concept.


That's where I am from now, it will be great to have some C&C before return to the draw table. What do you think about this initial concept? How it can get better? What alternates it inspires to you?

Also, it will be great to receive links to good basketball templates or vector archives. My e-mail is oleguer55@hotmail.com, thanks in advance to anyone who send me some template to work on ;)

PD: I am still an analfabet student from Catalonia (Not Spain), so if there are mistakes in my english I ask apologises.

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I like Grizzlies concept alot. Especially the G logo. As for the OKC logo. You need to take out those random lines in the cloud, because it takes away the look of being a cloud and makes it look like a big mess. They don't flow like a cloud its bumpy and awkward looking. I like the idea of the silhouette of the buffalo head, but that needs to be detailed, and the buffaloes nose looks way to big and rounded, it needs to be squared off more.

Good start though on the logo, and good luck with the rest of the series, I'm looking forward to it! :)

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The cloud in the OKC logo looks almost like a brain. It's a solid idea and needs just a bit of fixing. Make the cloud look more like a cloud and add a little more detail to the bison and you have a winner. Nice clean design.

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