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Recently I've been trying to get into baseball mode since my hockey team recently got beat out of the playoffs. The WBC has really helped me get into baseball mode so I decided I would do a concept for my home country, Canada. This was an idea that just kind of came to me. I didn't change much on the road jersey. One of my main objectives was to minimize the use of black because it's Canada and I have no idea why black was in there anyways. Anyways here it is.





C&C welcome and appreciated. Hopefully this one gets a better reaction than my first two. :D

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The flags are upside down on the front views of each jersey.

The flags should be on the right sleeve, not the left (at least that's how it is on every other WBC jersey I've seen thus far).

I also think the pinstripes on the collar of the home jersey should all be vertical, instead of being horizontal where the sleeve meets the neck at the top. Maybe it's just me who thinks that, though.

The red logo on the red hat also seems to really blend in. You may want to put a thick stroke around it, or just use the away cap for both sets.

Aside from that, it looks pretty good.

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I like it, theres a real lack of pinstripes in the WBC. I would loose the away hat though, it really doesn't go too well with the pinstripes and all the red, maybe use the red hat for both, maybe a white hat with a red bill? And as far as the pinstripes on the sleeves, I like the way they are now, horizontal, the way the Yankees do it:


apparently that's supposed to give a freer arm rotation. I don't buy it, but I do think it looks better. Just my 2 cents.

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