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Who's Your Favorite Athlete to Watch?


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The title is self-explanatory, who is your favorite athlete to watch compete? Mine has to be Mariano Rivera, there's nothing like seeing him run to the mound to the tune of "Enter Sandman" and then watching him throw a lights out inning of ball. I don't remember ever seeing a thread like this in the past but lemme know if I'm wrong.

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It's really tough to say for me. I don't watch basketball often, but Kobe and LeBron completely blow my mind sometimes. However, I watch baseball regularly/daily, and I can't pinpoint one specific player I love to watch. It's hard for one player to generate highlights in baseball, really. Defense is what excites me in baseball, but it's rare that one player's gonna dive every play. If I had to actually nominate someone, it'd be Jim Edmonds. He's still my favorite player in baseball, just because watching him in the outfield was always fun. For football, nobody'll ever impress me more than Barry Sanders did. The man was amazing. In hockey, Ovechkin's just flat-out fun to watch. He's got so much energy. I'd still probably rather watch a guy like Pavel Datsyuk though. His patience and puck control is just unfathomable at times.

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No possible way I can narrow this down to just one guy.


Barry Bonds - Despite majority opinion of the guy, he was the only player I've ever seen that could make every single person in the room stop to watch him hit.

Josh Hamilton - Some say that if he hadn't had the drug problem that he would be the best player in the game today. I disagree. IMO the most overlooked quality in sports is something that you're either just born with or you learn after almost losing it all. Maturity. Hamilton certainly wasn't born with but he sure as hell learned it.


Alexander Ovechkin - His highlight reels just blow my mind.


Devin Hester - I videotaped every kick return he had in the 07 and 08 Pro Bowl just in hopes that he would return one. His return in 41 vs Indy was EPIC.

Larry Fitzgerald - Imagine Randy Moss' ability mixed with TO's size and Jerry Rice's work ethic. That's what Fitz is.


Lebron James - The best all around player I've ever seen, hands down. The guy has all the qualities of a legend.

Kobe Bryant - The most talented player I've ever seen, hands down. I HATE the Lakers and I'll watch their games just to see Kobe.

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NBA: Dwight Howard. Big men shouldn't be able to do what he does.

NHL: Alexander Ovechkin. In-bleeping-credible.

NFL: Larry Fitzgerald. Almost a hybrid of Jerry Rice and Randy Moss, and that's not hyperbole.

MLB: Albert Pujols. The best right-handed hitter I've ever seen.

College FB: Does Jeremy Maclin still count?

College BB: DeJuan Blair. The guy's a beast.

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For me its Ryan Howard. He drives me up the wall with all the strike outs, but when he gets hot and makes contact every at bat is a must watch, just to see how far the ball will go.

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