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Manchester United & AIG


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I haven't seen any posts concerning this, and a search came up empty... and I realize it's soccer... but...

Is there any fallout for Manchester United regarding their sponsor AIG? Will they be dropping them, or has AIG already said they won't be the sponsor? Is Manchester trying to distance themselves from this failing company, or is the rest of the world not paying too much attention to the bailout (a word that is just overused now...)?

I think I am correct in assuming that Manchester is the biggest sports franchise on the planet, and that means a lot of shirts/jerseys with a big AIG on the front. Then again, maybe that makes for a lot of collectors' items...

As always, just curious as to what you all might have to say on the matter...

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Aren't AIG ending their sponsorship contract a year earlier than planned as well, ie. it was supposed to run through 09-10? Thought I had heard that somewhere as well.

Either way, Man U won't have any problems finding another kit sponsor.

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