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Who's Your Favorite Stand-up Comedian?


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#1) Eddie Izzard

#2) Dave Chappelle

#3) Sarah Silverman is the funniest woman alive.

Lewis Black is awesome. Steven Wright is awesome too. And I pay homage to George Carlin, Denis Leary/Miller and pioneers who I am too young to remember even before them.

But for my money, Eddie's rambling british charm and sort of quasi-educational take on history and religion don't get old. It's not for everyone. No fart jokes or anything but worth the watch.

Can I also add that I have never ever laughed at Sinbad even once? What an ass.

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1. Pablo Francisco

2. Mitch Hedberg

3. Dave Chappelle

4. Chris Rock

5. George Carlin/Robin Williams

I highly recommend downloading some of Mitch Hedberg's stuff... I don't know too many ppl who know him, but the guy is pure comedic gold.

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Seinfeld is the golden standars

with Dennis Miller and Lewis Balck battling for second.


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I've seen George Carlin a few times, and he is very funny, but his act does wear thin, or just repeat itself (after 40 years of comedy, I wouldn't expect different).

My top comedians I've seen

1. Joe Rogan. I have never laughed harder.

2. Lewis Black

3. Adam Ferrara (from Denis Leary's show The JOb)

4. Robert Schimmel

5. Amazing Jonathan

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1. Dennis Miller

2. George Carlin

3. Bill Maher

4. Chris Rock

5. Larry The Cable Guy (GET-R-DONE!)

6. Dennis Leary

I love stand up comedy, i wish i could watch the stuff all day! Got to see Larry the Cable Guy last thursday, very funny show, if you get the chace to see him GO!

"I don't care who you are that's funny!"

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