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2 questions about NCAA Bball players


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My friends and I talked about this today at lunch. Who do you think is the ugliest college basketball, and who do you think gets the most girls?

I decided on....


Ryan Rossiter, Siena

(white guy in this pic)



As I watched the Siena-OSU game, I saw him, and laughed for 5 straight minutes. Looks like an 8th grader who got punched in the face a bunch of times. I wonder what the huge, buff black guys on the other teams think of him when he boxes their asses out.

Close second is Blake Griffin. Man, is he ugly.

We thought Gerald Henderson got a lot of action.

Thoughts? Very odd question, but I didn't know where else to put it and if it was appropriate. Oh well....

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kinda weird topic, but I'll bite.

I cant even think of an ugliest, since when that ever comes up all I can think about is Lorenzo Mata(-Real, or whatever his name was) from UCLA.

For alot of action, I would go with Patrick Mills, the aussie accent you know? And when he was injured he had some pretty fly suits.

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hahahahaha Jamikel, we talked about him too. We were saying how if Lebron and Candace did the nasty, their kid would be the best basketball player ever. But instead she chose Sheldon....

...and is now pregnant with their child.

So what does that say for their kid???

(On another note...seriously, Candace, of all the roundball players out there...???)

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