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Can I request a logo?


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I just got a team on Hattrick.com http://www86.hattrick.interia.pl/ I just signed up with the name "Alexandria IXes (pronounced "Ee-shess"), but it doesn't start for another week. This gives me time to ask: 1) Can I still request a logo from here? and 2) I don't even have MS Paint on my computer and I don't want to steal a logo from an existing team, how should I start my logo making process if requesting a logo falls through?

I think the colors should be brown, black, and red if not tan, red, and green. Maybe some gold? Who knows! It's up to the designer, or whoever gives me the best info about free and easy design downloads.

Alexandria IXes, based on the fact that my name is Max Alexander. IXes because "Maxixe" is a word (actually a Brazilian dance - like soccer I guess), and Alexandria, Egypt because Pisces (my North Node in astrology) rules my future and the city of Alexandria, not to mention I was named after Alexander the Great (inadvertently) for whom the city is named. Also the reference to the number 9 is important because it is my mother's favorite number and Sagittarius (my sun sign) is the ninth sign of the zodiac. However, I do not want the number 9 in the logo at all, just the reference to the Roman numeral. I think a logo based on Islamic/Roman architecture would be cool. Etoile du Sahel, a Tunisian football team was the last club to win a match in the FIFA Club World Cup on my birthday, so I think the logo should mimic some of the "Red Brigade's" qualities.

Join the league and I'll meet you on the cyber-field. You will definitely have bragging rights because you designed my team's logo.

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