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2 washington redskins concepts


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alright...first off, you may wanna fix the reflection on the burgundy helmets. Staying on the helmets, the full team name doesn't need to be there, it's not a focal point. The R and feathers will suffice.

Now onto the first set: I like the first burgundy jersey, you went in a good direction here and I'd like to see a road version. The second one, by comparison, looks like a walmart version. If you're gonna include that, at least make the numbers gold instead of white. The white, honestly, makes me yawn. And the WR logo reminds me too much of Virginia Tech's logo, I'd dump it entirely and use the tomahawk as a sleeve logo in its place.

the second set, I also like the direction you went in, though I prefer the solid color jerseys to their two-tone counterparts. If I'd done this, the home shoulders would be gold, and the tomahawks white. Hell, I'd make the white two tone's shoulders gold too, cus the burgundy shoulders remind me of the Cardinals' whites. The WR, again, just ditch it, I've already stated my beef with it...REDSKINS under the collar, leave the sleeves as just striping. The throwbacks, well I've seen em before so I won't comment on em except you may wanna fix the socks, they look off.

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I think the WR logo looks too much like West Virginia. Maybe just tweak it up a bit, even just removing the serif would make a big difference.

In the top concept I like the first one on the left, I think using the feathers is a unique idea, for football at least. I've always liked Florida State's SOD jerseys with the feathers. With the bottom concept I like the tomahawks and I think the second ones, with the shoulders the same color, are the best of that group.

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thanks for the help so far guys, ill change some things around on it. ill go ahead into my thought process now, maybe that will help while looking at the designs

helmet logo

this is my first NFL concept and the reason i went with WAS is because i hate their logo. i wanted to do something of a blend between the current and old "r" logo, and make it fairly modern. i tried a few color combinations and ended up using this version because i like the way it stood against the burgandy

WR logo

the secondary one was made to look like native american symbols. the "w" is basicly the symbol for "river" and i just found a way to attach an "r" to it to complete it. i agree it looks like West Virginia though. for the wordmark i just wanted something bold and sharpe. it works well for the numbers too. the "tomahawk 1932" logo was intended to be more of a promotional thing. 1932 was the first year of the Boston team (i think it was boston, cant remember) and i wanted to include the entire franchise history with the patch.

1st uni set

i wanted to stay traditional and not go too crazy with the uniform. it just wouldnt say "redskins" to me if i did. like the helmet, i wanted something clean, modern and simple. something WAS fans would like. i love the gold pants they used to wear soo i had to throw those in the set. the throwback is also one of my favorites, so i had to use it. the "feather" jersey i inteded to be used on special occasions. primetime games, or divisional games.

2nd uni set

after going simple and clean i had the idea for a uni that screamed "war paint". something very native american. there are 3 stripes on the sock because mny indians would put 3 lines of paint under their eyes during bttle. not sure the significance of that (birth, life, afterlife?) but was something i felt needed to be in the uniform.

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Your helmet logo bugs me because 1) the text is tilted where it should be parallel to the ground and 2) I hate text logos when you could easily go with an image. Other than that, I believe the uniforms are too busy and unflattering with the wraparound elements.

Well rendered, though.

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Definitely the first. Yeah, they're loud, but so? The logo is great, I think -- fixes the issues with the Indian head and yet still gets the message across.

I think the hatchets on the second version, while clever, would generate a lot of PC screaming. The contrasting shoulders look too much like hockey uniforms. (Yes, Titans, this means you.)

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