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NFL Draft Hats


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I just saw these being advertised on NFL Network for the first time (the first time I've seen them being advertised at least). And I thought they looked better than the last few years.

The Rams used gold for the 2nd year in a row:


NFL doesn't have the new Lions logo on the cap, but, we'll see what they throw out on draft day I guess. ColorWerx or AsM should have some knowledge on this:


And, the last one I'll show. Be prepared. I'm warning you...

...Yup. You guessed it. Seahawks are bustin' out the lime green.


Just something I wanted to share, and, IMO, I think the caps look pretty good this year.

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saw these in the original thread but i dont like them at all. its like they said, "lets take the least flattering color from each team and make that the primary!". then a team of people said "yea, thats a swell idea!". then some art director was all "you know what be sweet dude?.....if we made the Colts hat black!". then it was agreed. and now we have these ridiculous hats.

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