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Womens Final Four Court


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This is a little late, but after watching the Womens Final Four I saw the huge arch stretching clear across the court. I think I may have seen this been done in other basketball games too, and to be honest I don't really hate the whole giant logo thing, but I do think that it would be a little distracting to play on. What do you guys think? I did a quick search, but I didn't find any other topics on this, sorry if there was, you can graveyard this.

After doing a search on the web, I couldn't find a lot of great pics of the floor, but I'll try to get some up later on.

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I saw this year's court on TV while flipping through the channels. I thought it was a graphic SportsCenter was overlaying on the game footage. Talk about obtrusive.

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Won't let me put it in directly, but here's a picture:


2008's court:




Aaah, I remember that court. That's probably the other one I was thinking of. I don't really mind that one, because it is only inside the 3-point arch, so I guess you wouldn't notice it too much while playing, but this years women's was very distracting IMO, not only to play on the court but to watch on TV also.

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