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CCSLC Championship Ring Thread

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2 hours ago, ravens12 said:

Not 100% sure as only a few have surfaced over the years including one that belonged to Casey Stengel, the Mets first manager. They were given out by Mets ownership.  It's made by Balfour and is 10k gold with real diamond and rubies.


That amazing ring was presented to key members of the team in 1962.  It is an inauguration ring from the teams first season.  I don't think the players received that ring but executives and management and ownership did.






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Speaking of the Mets....


From my daily blog on championship rings and championship ring designs.....


Jostens and N.Y. Mets Team Up For The 2015 National League Championship Ring


Here’s a look at the Mets current collection of World Series and Championship rings:




Jostens announced this week that they have been awarded the assignment to create the championship rings to celebrate the New York Mets’ 2015 National League Championship.


Mets’ management have been collaborating with the Jostens Championship design team including Josten’s Master Jeweler to design and produce the championship rings for the ball players and key members of the organization.


The championship rings are due to be presented in April (gee, that’s next month!).

Unlike their cross time rivals, the Yankees, the Mets have a lot less championship rings. While the Yankees have only used Balfour for decades on their World Series rings and American League championship rings, the Mets have been much less steady.


In 1969, The Mets chose Jostens to make their very first World Series ring.


Four years later, when they lost to the A’s in the World Series, the Mets picked Balfour to make the 1973 National League championship ring.


In 1986, when the Mets won their second World Championship, they stuck with Balfour for that year’s World Series Ring.


And finally, back in 2000, the during the team’s last appearance in the fall classic, the Mets picked Jostens to make their 2000 National League championship ring.


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That Timbers ring is pretty nice, although I think I would have done some color element on the Stand Together side shank.  Check out the article:http://www.timbers.com/post/2016/03/14/portland-timbers-receive-their-2015-mls-cup-champion-rings  Placing the ring so that the axe acts as the T in RCTID (Rose City Til I Die) on the presentation box  is also a nice touch.

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Here's a couple of old school Michigan football rings from 1988 and 1989, Bo Schembechler's last 2 years at Michigan. Simple and classic designs. The 1989 ring has "BO" on one of the shanks to pay tribute to Bo's last year with the Wolverines.


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51 minutes ago, Championship Sports Rings said:

Here is the Ring you all have been waiting for.  The New 2015 Kansas City Royals World Series Ring.


Also check out the full detail video on the ring at this link below







Wow kinda underwelmimg

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