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CCSLC Championship Ring Thread

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On 3/8/2016 at 6:01 PM, ridenlow71 said:

Looks like someone designed their own ring for the Broncos.



As a collector I am constantly monitoring google for ring opportunities. Today I was looking at google image search and I noticed how similar Uptown Diamond's Super Bowl bid was to the "replicas" that are floating around on eBay. 

Uptown Diamond has made quite a few UH rings for the non-revenue sports and prior to the Super Bowl they had gone on a media blitz to show off their bid design and it makes me wonder if the "replica" ring designers copied Uptown Diamond's design. 


Link: To Full Story

super bowl rings-2_zpsgr547ys1.jpg

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Clemson's newest ACC football championship rings debuted on the Internet this week.


The championship ring has that new, familiar, large championship ring shape, however, the thing that jumps out to me is the odd background coloring and shape, seen around the

imitation diamond (more on diamonds and college championship rings in a moment).


I really like the paw logo shown prominently on this championship ring, however, I would have suggested the background metal surrounding it could have been thinner to help the paw stand out more.


Now about the "diamonds" and "gold" on this championship ring...


All college championship rings (and High School too), are huge and stunning, but they're made with imitation diamonds and non gold materials.  That means that these championship rings from a jewelry point of view are not worth much money, however, in no way does that take away what these beautiful championship rings means to the recipients.


Congratulations to Clemson on a great season and a great looking championship ring.



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Here's something I've never seen before....


What do you think of this design and the fact that it's a Sumo Wrestling Championship ring?


A 100% authentic Jostens salesman sample, Yokozuna Grand Championship Sumo Wrestling Championship ring has hit the auction block.


The championship ring is made of solid 10K gold and is made of 36 grams.  The championship ring is properly marked with the Jostens engraving and the word "Sample".


Check out the very usual shanks.  The 64 number, so prominently displayed is because the wrestler named, Akebono, in 1993 become the grand champion, of sumo wresting in Japan. He had the distinction of becoming sumo's first foreign-born grand champion, and was the 64th overall champion.


To read more about this ring, please check out my blog where I wrote a story about it.






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A side by side comparison of 2011 and 2012 authentic players Super Bowl rings. The size difference is crazy. Even crazier is that the smaller Giants ring weighs more than the Ravens ring as the Giants ring is 14k gold compared to the 10k gold Ravens ring.


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Anyone want to talk about the designs of the Super Bowl 2000 ring or NFC 2000 ring?


The ring on the left is the Baltimore Ravens first ever Super Bowl Ring from their 2000 season.  This beautiful championship ring was designed and manufactured by Jostens.  


One thing to notice is that this Super Bowl ring, and the two Super Bowl rings from the two seasons before, all have similar tops, similar styles and were all done by Jostens.  In fact the next one to follow, The Patriots Super Bowl XXXVI ring also was made by Jostens and has the same top and styling.


The Ravens Super Bowl XXXV ring shown below, weighs approximately 64 grams and is made of solid 14 carat yellow gold.  


The team that loses the Super Bowl is recognized as a champion of their respective conference.   The New York Giants 2000 NFC  championship ring, shown above, like the 2000 Ravens Super Bowl rings, have sold quite a few times at auction.


The Giants NFC championship ring weighs in at 45 grams.  The championship ring does not contain a lot of bling for an NFC championship ring, yet it's still a very nice looking championship ring and is  in high demand by collectors.

The Giants NFC championship ring was made by Jostens in 14K solid yellow gold.




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8 hours ago, dralec said:

Panthers NFC championship ring



Thanks for the photos.  When I saw this ring, I thought it could not be real!  The Shanks, especially the vertical lines on the non-last name side, looks awful.


Jostens who made the ring, usually does a much better design.


Here's some additional information on these rings:


The NFC championship ring was designed and manufactured by Jostens, the championship ring company that makes more championship rings than any other company.


The championship ring is made of 10-karat slid white gold, and features a custom-cut aquamarine stone and 77 diamonds with a total weight of 1.35 carats.


One side of the NFC championship ring features the player's name above an image of Bank of America Stadium. The other side (also known as a shank) features the Panthers' motto 'KEEP POUNDING'.  This side of the championship ring also features an image of the NFC Championship Trophy and is accented with two-tone 10-karat yellow gold to match the special Super Bowl 50 logo.


Inside the championship ring contains the Super Bowl 50 logo and the words 'CAROLINA PANTHERS 10-0 AT HOME, 15-1 SEASON.


Any thoughts on the design of this ring?

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