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CCSLC Championship Ring Thread

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The entire bruins team get their rings tonight

They have followed the trend of plopping the primary logo on top of the Stanley Cup. Still, it is a great sight for sore eyes in






B's Reveal Championship Ring Details

Tuesday, 10.04.2011 / 8:50 PM

BOSTON, MA ? On Tuesday, October 4, 2011 the Boston Bruins unveiled their 2011 Stanley Cup Championship rings, created by Jostens.

The Boston Bruins 2011 Stanley Cup ring symbolizes the team's 6th NHL Championship, celebrating each player that participated in the 2011 Stanley Cup Finals and the dramatic game seven victory over the Vancouver Canucks in Vancouver on June 15. The ring also pays tribute to the rich legacy of one of hockey?s ?Original Six? franchises through well-known symbols and events from the team?s history.

The crest of the Boston Bruins 2011 Stanley Cup ring features diamond set images of the iconic Boston Bruins "B" logo and the Stanley Cup, fashioned in brilliant cut custom princess, princess and round diamonds set against a background of 14 kt. white gold. There are six larger round diamonds on the crest of the ring that represent the six Stanley Cups that the Bruins have won. The diamond-covered top of the ring is framed on the left side by ?STANLEY CUP? and on the right side by ?CHAMPIONS? to record the Bruins? 2011 achievement.

One shoulder is personalized with a player?s last name and sweater number against an antique black background. The side includes an image the Bruins secondary ?Bruins Bear? logo which is surrounded by six stones honoring the Bruins as being one of the "Original Six" professional hockey franchises.

The opposite shoulder of each ring features a diamond-studded Stanley Cup framed on top by "2011" in gold and diamonds which represents this year's team and the first Stanley Cup that the Bruins have won under the leadership of the Jacobs family. The years '72, '70, ?41, '39 and '29 also frame the cup and connect this year?s team to the earlier championship teams that helped build the Bruins into one of the most storied franchises.

Intricate and custom engraving on the inside of each ring enhances the distinct and one-of-a-kind design. The playoff slogan that decorated the locker room during the championship run, ?FULL 60+ TO HISTORY?, is on one side while the other shows the National Hockey League shield and the four playoff opponent?s logos and series scores the Bruins won en route to the Stanley Cup.

The 2011 Stanley Cup ring adds to the tremendous championship tradition of the Boston Bruins and will join the team?s earlier championship collections representing the Stanley Cup Champions of 1929, 1939, 1941, 1970 and 1972.

Including all variations of the Stanley Cup Championship ring the Jacobs family purchased and distributed a total of 505 rings.

Needs more gold and/or black. But overall, I like it! I don't like having the filthy Canadiens logonew Lightning logo on there, and it would annoy me personally. At least it's on the inside of the ring.

Overall, good job Bs.

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Wow 505 rings they got! Who the hell are they all giving them too?!?!

Well if you look at the Stanley Cup they put 52 names on it. Those names only include players(those eligible), coaches, owners and management. In addition you would have players that weren't eligible for engraving on the Cup,scouts,business operations staff, training and support staff. They may have made secondary versions for the players and variations for player spouses. They might have also ordered rings for important business partners. A Stanley Cup ring is a very nice way to recognize all of the people that contributed to the effort

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wonder how many of those actually get worn, I've heard alot of players say they never wear their Conference rings. Heard Cris Collingsworth does. That 1978 Cowboys one is ugly, looks like something they got for the wives. the 80 Eagles one and the 09 Colts ones are nice.

I was wondering since worldseriesrings.net shows both the MLB championship and the ring that the losing team wins, is there a site that shows the Super Bowl loser's rings?

Here you go


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