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CCSLC Championship Ring Thread

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Really like the sides of the ring. That was the biggest disappointment for me on the Packers ring. The sides were so plain.

I like the side with the Lombardi Trophy, but I don't like how busy it looks with all those years squeezed in. The other side would be nice, but I hate that they used "New York Football Giants". I wish that term would go away. It's been nearly 60 years since that distinction was needed.

Still a great ring overall though, because the top (the most important part) is beautiful.

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I think some/most NBA banners say World Champions.

Really? Haha, that's funny to me.

To me, a world champion would be a team or group that beat the best in the world. Like the World Cup in soccer. Not winning a Super Bowl or NBA Title. Just because the NFL and NBA are the most popular sports.

There is not a club team in the world that could take a 7 game series from the respective league champions there. And a CFL-NFL game (assuming they could agree on the rules) would not be pretty to watch if you were a Canadian.

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Yep, I suspect Troy at MEARS would have jumped at the chance to auction this off.

And she wouldn't have gotten pennies on the dollar.

I think its like everyone who pawns a ring, they just want the quick and easy cash. I'm just mad I didn't have a chance to snag it!

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