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CCSLC Championship Ring Thread

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Whose idea was it to put other teams' logos on it? Has that ever been done before in any sport?

Marlins did that in 03. I remember thinking that was the only way the Cubs and Giants were ever going to get their logos on another World Series ring.

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2001 New York Yankees AL Championship

Umm the Yankees def didn't win 125 games in 2001. That ring must be from 1998.

Just an FYI, I'm fairly certain this is just a prototype 1998 ring, its got nothing to do with 2001 anyway.

True enough.

Here are the four rings Jeter won before last year - 1996, 1998, 1999, 2000 (that's the Yanks' 1923 ring in the upper right):


Personally, I prefer having the team logo against a contrasting background - diamonds for one, colored stones for the other.


The logo seems kind of pointless if you can't see it from any distance over three feet.

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Personally, I prefer having the team logo against a contrasting background - diamonds for one, colored stones for the other.

Agreed. Rings were better before they became to "blingy". Now it's usually diamonds on diamonds. The Yanks from 96 to 09 did pretty well overall, though the oval one is kind of goofy.

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Now that NFL has standardized the Super Bowl logo, it wouldn't shock me if they wanted to take over the ring production from the teams and start issuing standardized rings, so from now on, every champion will receive the same one. It's not likely, but again, it wouldn't shock me.

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The Phillies received their 2009 National League Championship rings today.




Here is a description of the rings.


Here, courtesy of the Phillies, is everything you might want to know -- except for the price, which a spokeswoman declined to disclose -- about the ring:

-- "National League Champions 2009" is prominently displayed on the top of the 14-carat white gold ring, with two rubies on either side of "League" to signify back-to-back championships. The top of the ring, consistent with the team's 1983 and 1993 National League Championship rings, reflects a baseball diamond with the base paths done in rubies and the bases in diamonds.

-- "The Phillies script logo for the top of the ring was used rather than the club's signature Phillies "P." The ring committee felt that the signature "P" should be reserved for years in which the team wins a world championship.

-- The top of the ring contains two baguette diamonds in the 2009 date to signify the two world championships in the Phillies' history.

-- The right shank, in addition to the player's name and number, also displays overlapping pennants for 2009 and 2008.

-- The left shank reflects the Warren C. Giles National League Championship trophy with the League Championship series result in games won displayed on either side of the trophy -- Phillies 4, Dodgers 1.

-- The Phillies selected Attleboro, Mass., jewelry manufacturer, Masters of Design, as their partner for the designing and manufacturing of the 2009 National League Championship ring. Masters of Design also worked with the Phillies on the 2008 World Championship ring.

-- Nineteen current Phillies players participated in the National League Championship ring ceremony today. Tyler Walker, who now plays for the Washington Nationals, also was on hand for the ceremony. The remaining eligible players will receive their rings from the club in the coming weeks.

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