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CCSLC Championship Ring Thread

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Now that NFL has standardized the Super Bowl logo, it wouldn't shock me if they wanted to take over the ring production from the teams and start issuing standardized rings, so from now on, every champion will receive the same one. It's not likely, but again, it wouldn't shock me.

I think it's very unlikely, because the rings just aren't important enough to the NFL's branding. Who but hardcore fans even know what the rings look like?

At least with the trophies, you can say that they're going to start promoting them more, make them part of the public perception of the conference championship games. But in an atmosphere of streamlining, of making the Lombardi Trophy front and center in the Super Bowl brand, I'd doubt that the NFL's marketing department is interested in muddying the Super Bowl waters by promoting another prize for the winners.

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Hmm. I found two:



I'm guessing that the top one is a souvenir ring and the bottom one is the real deal? Top one doesn't have any personalization.

Yep the bottom one is the real deal. Awesome ring, should have been the Flames though ;)

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By the way, am I wrong or is there inconsistency between the link (http://wsrings.stadiumpage.com/) and the Jeter photo? The 2000 ring on the link does not appear to be in the photo. And the one on his middle finger is not on the page.

Maybe he's wearing the ring described in this article:

Usually, Balfour will design the best ring it can imagine before discussing the budget with team ownership. Management then brings in the veteran players to take a look, and to offer designing input. After the 1999 title, Roger Clemens was so impatient to show off his long-awaited champion's status that he designed his own hefty ring, with the help of a designer friend, to complement the team's official ring.

Jeter hasn't looked at his rings in a while, but says his favorite is still the one custom-made by Clemens.

"When we get rings, a lot of people get them," Jeter said. "The idea of having a ring that only the players got - the players, coaches and The Boss - that was pretty cool."

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That SI preview cover is from 2001 with Jeter on it. He is sporting 4 rings, and you guys are corredct about that one on his middle finger not being the 2000 WS Championship ring. They hadn't received them yet.

As some of you mentioned, the one he is wearing was commissioned Clemens for the 1999 championship. It is actually made out of platinum. It was designed by Diamond Cutters International, an outfit that has done some Red Wings rings, Broncos rings, and the Cowboys 5th Super Bowl Ring. Here are some more shots of that '99 Yankees custom ring:


Here is the official 2000 ring by Balfour:


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Lakers ring.



Some details here:


What makes the rings unique is that one of the basketballs used during Game 7 of the NBA Finals was cut up and portions of the leather was used on the underside of the ring.

Arasheben, a personal friend of Joey and Jesse Buss -- sons of owner Dr. Jerry Buss -- won the bid to design the Lakers' 2009 championship ring, and he enhanced the 2010 design.

"We put even more diamonds, over three karats," Arasheben said. The ring also features 16 oversized diamonds to represent the 16 titles in franchise history.

Lakers senior vice president of business operations Tim Harris said the two requirements for the ring were that it had to be unmistakable in representing the Lakers brand and it had to be big.

"It has to be big, it has to be large," Harris said of the design instructions.

The ring also features a 3-dimensional sculpture of each player's face, an upgrade from the laser-cut faces on the 2009 rings.

A gallery of the ceremony here:



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