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CCSLC Championship Ring Thread

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If you don't mind me asking:

How did you get them and how much did you pay for them?

the badgers ring I traded for. I had a 1996 FSU Orange Bowl ring that i traded. The Ohio State ring I purchased from the players room mate who had purchased it from the player.

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Awesome thread... Here's WVU's Final Four ring from 2010 (I have no idea who the guy is)


Sadly Duke won it all that year (and beat the snot out of us in the process) ... so I guess it's only fair that their ring looks much better. <_<


Thats a nice watch they got as well.

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Partial of a sketch of Auburn's National Championship ring.


reminds me of the pats super bowl ring.


Yeah, I though of that too, but couldn't remember the team or year. Just remembered something like it.

You're right - looks suspiciously like the Lombardi Trophy.

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