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abstract wallpapers


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Ok i am making some wallpapers they are all a little different from eachother but they look good i think




Request form:





Background Color:

Extra Info:

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These are actually really good. Great work Spammy.

Really??? thanks :)^_^

Yeah these are VERY cool, I think I'll bite:

Size: 1280 X 1024

Team: Chicago Blackhawks

Logo: Primary Indian Head

Colors:Red and White Swooshy things

Background Color: Black

Extra Info: these are sweet

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These are actually pretty bad. Looks like you just find wallpapers with the same colors as the logos and then just put the logo over it.

Tell ya what pal; you prove it, I'll believe it.

Until then I'd love to see one of these with a my high school's logo (I'll P.M you one).

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Wow, spammy, I am actually impressed with these. They look good except for the Nuggets one where the logo has white pixels around the outside. I'll take one.

Size: any

Team: UNC

Logo: interlocking "NC"

Colors: Carolina blue, white

Background: navy

Thanks in advance

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Size: Doesn't matter

Team: Milwaukee Brewers

logo: ball and glove logo

colors: blue and yellow

background color: hmm, maybe a navy? or black, whichever you think looks better. i trust you, spammy...

extra info: thank you!

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