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Bucs Concepts


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Here's some Tampa Bay Bucs concepts that I whipped up some time ago. I miss those "Creamscicle" uniforms, and thought that they could make orange the main color for the team, even though it's blasphemy for loyal Bucs fans. Hope you like!

The first concept has the pewter more of a gun-metal gray (slate) and remaining on the helmets and also a set of pants with that look. I tried to keep the orange away from the red by putting the gray between them. I also had a red alternate to be used with this set.

The second has less gray and a more traditional look, using the current logo that they have (just like the first).

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Concept No. 1

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Concept No. 2

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well its not bad. i'm not a fan of the shoulder striping though. orange and red surely would be a different look. maybe the color you want to break it up would be the pewter over the slate. those few changes might make this much better. you have a good start

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