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Steelers alternates


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North Carolina basketball has argyle. I've long wanted to do something argyle-ish for another team. The Steelers seemed like an ideal candidate...thus here ya go.


call the top one dark gray, call it graphite, just don't call it black. other than that, speak on it.

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I actually think both are very tight. It's tough to choose one over the other because they're each good in their own right. You should change the names on the back, however, to all uppercase. It just doesn't look right with only one letter capitalized. I wish there was a way to actually see these on a player, though. Man, I'm waiting for the day someone releases a "fashion designer" 'game' for the PC where you can design 'skins' (like in the SIMS) and see your flat design instantly in 3D on a model. That would bring the whole concept designing to a whole new level.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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