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New York Metropolitans


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It's been a while since I came up with a design and I needed something to do to get me away from final papers, so I created an alternate uniform for the New York Mets.

I brought back the old Mr. Met logo for the arm patch. I like how the Reds mascots on their jersey.

The outline of the script, the numbers, and the hat logo all match.

Let me know if I should make any improvements.


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I think this has potential. Here's what I would do:

- Make the front wordmark a little smaller and arch it like so.

- Use only 1 sleeve patch to eliminate clutter. I'd keep Mr. Met and ditch the primary logo.

- Slap some names on the back.

- Use this hat.

But yeah, it's actually a shame that both Mets alts are black. This is far closer to what they should be wearing.

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