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Hockey Jersey Sale


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Hey fellas:

When I find a good jersey deal I like to pass it along.

This time I found one at hockeyattire.com it is for 80% off of women's jerseys. I just got the GF one (Avalanche). This is a good deal to get one (there are not many teams available) for the wife, gf or just good old cross dressing fun.

Good luck!

The promo code is ccm0442


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Is the code good on all women's jerseys? I can't get it to give a discount beyond the $79.99 that is listed

EDIT: Got it, the code is CCM0422. Thanks for the heads up on the sale, I appreciate it!

Not to threadjack or anything, but does anybody have any recommendations for a place that could do lettering on a women's old CCM 550 Bruins black jersey? I know a few decent places for men's lettering, but wasn't sure if anybody here had gotten a women's jersey customized. Thanks in advance!

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