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Create-a-School Uniform/Logo customization in NCAA Football '10


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It sounds like this game might have the deepest uniform customization in any console football game to date, including the ability to upload your own logo. The juicy tidbits from this article:

There are hundreds of pieces to every uniform and many can be tuned to your liking. From the stripes on your pants to whether your logo appears on the helmet or your uniform number (ala Alabama), there's a lot of depth there. There are more than 70 base styles for your uni and 11 different logo placements aside from the helmet designs that I just mentioned. There's less customizability to the pants, but it's a similar mechanic. As fun as it is to fiddle with the look of your uniforms, what really impressed me was the freedom afforded to nailing down a team logo.

First you'll need to track down a primary logo which must be a 256x256 PNG file. Next, you'll need to convert that image (or find another) into a 128x128 PNG. Keep in mind, there really aren't any restrictions on what that image contains. That means you can take an already-established logo, massacre it in any number of ways in PhotoShop, then upload it to TeamBuilder. EA Sports thankfully used the traditional IGN logo and color scheme for ours. Picking your colors is a simple process that has you place three markers on your logo to ensure that you aren't using fuchsia when you really just wanted pink (and who doesn't).

Next you'll pick from any of the pre-existing college, generic or high school stadiums to act as your battleground. Thankfully the fans in your stadium will be wearing your team's colors. For IGN University that meant a sea of intimidating red. Be afraid.

After picking out your stadium, it's time to design the field itself. You can pick from four field types: turf, blue (Boise State style), grass, and multi. Then you can place your logo in the middle of the field and at opposing 20, 25, 30 or 35 yard lines. As if that wasn't enough, you can then design the text that will appear in both endzones.

And here's the custom Team IGN uniform:


Looks promising.

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I don't like playing college football.

I don't own a PS3, but my brother does and all my friends do.

I still might have to buy this game just for that feature, if some of y'all say it is good enough.

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What I want to know is, does it allow alternate logos? It always bugged me that you had to make the logo look right for the helmet, but then it looks like crap in other places. For example, if you have a gold helmet with a green logo, the green logo doesn't show up well on the field.

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Great Find J.

I was JUST saying that playing NBA2k9 an hour ago that the custom team and player options are embarassing in every game, considering how small i assume a generator in game would be on those huge 7 gb Dual Layer DVDs they use.

Awesome, literally pumped my fist when i read this.

I need a girlfriend.

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I have a feeling that you guys will get used for some logo requests. I'm so glad that you can do the editing from your computer, that will cut down on a lot of time. I'm so glad this is back, I'm finally gonna buy this for PS3 and not PS2.

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IGN has video up of the Team Builder feature.

Setting your team up:


Team IGN in action:


The logos look like they translate pretty well onto the field, the uniforms, and the score/menu graphics.

So he said they have FCS logos, are they gonna have playable teams? I heard they were nixing them completely.

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