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Create-a-School Uniform/Logo customization in NCAA Football '10


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This thing is fantastic. If EA does this with all their games (Madden, FIFA!!!) they'll get soooo much money.

I made one of my concepts, the New Orleans Saints. Sadly it doesn't let me use gold as a primary home color, too light I guess. Search New Orleans Saints.

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Haha this thing is awesome.

i made what I think to be the Chicago Blackhawks. I put the shoulder stripes as what they are on the waist of the sweaters. it actually looks pretty cool.

And to be as accurate as possible, I gave them a D on television exposure :P

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The first MLF team is up - the Chicago Blitz. Includes our much-rumored but never-before-seen blue alternate!

actually the FORMER MLF team... Saskatchewan Knights beat you... lol

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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